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Who's behind The Calypso Journal?

TCJ is a GirlUp Romania Initiative aiming to educate and empower people from, hopefully, all over the world to better understand the key aspects of feminism and gender equality. As GirlUp as a whole continues to grow and gain more recognition for its achievements, the initiatives it helped launch are getting the chance to reach more and more people.

Over time, GirlUp has created opportunities for countless young girls to get involved in activism, organisatory tasks, and raising awareness for gender equality, as well as what feminism really means. Today, it's giving a team of teen writers and journalists the chance to publish their work and make our generation's voice be heard.

The team behind this magazine is a small, tight-knit group of teens who, after only 3 weeks of preparation and a few meetings, have not only worked incredibly hard to write all these articles and get everything in its best shape, but have also already become incredibly close. From casually  proposing article titles to ending up in having heart-to-hearts talking about everyone's personal experieces, The Calypso Journal is based on just that: telling the real stories of real people.

With time, we hope that this project can help its readers, whether that means motivating someone to start their own ambitious project or simply to make them realise that they are not alone in whatever situation they are facing. We're thankful for everyone showing interest in our work and are looking forward to growing both independently, as a magazine, as well as together with out readers.

Sophia Tiganas

Sophie is a 17-year-old writer, magazine founder, comic book enthusiast, and designated mom friend from Bucharest. When she’s not working, she’s most likely reading or learning a new language, or telling her friends all about the newest project she just signed up for. She loves talking about her favorite characters to whoever is willing to listen and completely came to terms with the fact that she’s always the chaotic good of her group.

Christie Vernon

Christie is 16 and one of the writers of TCJ. She is half American and half Romanian, so you could pretty much say she has grown up as an expat. She loves traveling, writing, and debating, and plans on studying medicine in the future.

Alexia Gaita

This is Ala, she is a 16 year old teenager, currently studying at a German highschool. She is an artist, her passions are painting and writing poems. She is an open-minded, good-hearted, and fun person to be around, who still hopes (from the bottom of her heart) to make a change in this world. When she was younger, she used to read her mother’s magazines, aspiring to become a journalist herself. Thanks to her five year theater experience, she is very freely expressing her emotions and thoughts, which she hopes to transmit through her articles in collaboration with TCJ.

Alecsa Dobrin

Alecsa is a 15-year old student from Bucharest who does a lot of activism in her free time. Aside from TCJ, Alecsa is a member of Girl Up Romania and often volunteers for different humanitarian causes. This project is so close to her heart because her whole life she has loved writing, anything from stories to informative articles, but she has never had the opportunity to share her work with the world. Her other hobbies include reading and acting. Alecsa has been a feminist for almost two years and since then has continued to fight for men and women to have equal rights and opportunities, no matter their social background. She raised her voice about climate change, animal rights, minorities' rights and more. She is motivated to make sure every girl she encounters is empowered and knows how much she is worth, and will not stop until the world is a better, more accepting place.

Sara Schiopu

Sara is a 15-year-old student from Bucharest, Romania. She has started writing during primary school for her English class magazine. Her passions include reading, music, songwriting, and poetry. She learned about feminism when she was around 13 and quickly became interested in everything that had to do with equality and social problems.

Eliza Chiritoiu

Eliza is a 17-year-old student at the European Highschool of Bucharest who wants to help spread awareness about gender equality. She is passionate about writing and reading, her favorite book being “Here and Gone” by Haylen Beck. Eliza is an energetic, open-minded person that loves meeting new people and making friends. She is an animal lover and has a little Yorkshire called Toby and a turtle named Shelby. By choosing to write for “The Calypso Journal”, Eliza hopes that she will be able to empower people everywhere, no matter their gender, race or sexual orientation to always chase their dreams and follow their passions, even though at first they might seem impossible.

Diana Potra

Diana is a 16-year-old student, who divides her free time between writing, reading, and being artsy overall. She’s passionate about gender equality, and climate change, and will take every possible opportunity to talk about it.

Alexia Dinca

Alexia is a 16 years old who loves creating from pure will and passion. She likes to smile and help others smile too.

Milena Vergara

Milena is a 17-year-old student who has moved around 6 different countries and loves debating and meeting as many new people as possible.


Here's our little contact section! If you have any comments, curiosities or are looking for any advice from someone with similar views and experiences, make sure to write us an email and get in touch. If you want to ask us something anonimously, just write an invalid email adress: we'll still receive your message and we'll still be happy to talk to you!




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