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by: Alecsa Dobrin All through-out history, girls have been called 'the weaker sex'. At least once in her lifetime, every single woman has been a victim of sexism and gender inequality. From wage gaps to not having the same opportunities or as many rights as men, women have been through it all. That is the reason why so many girls around the globe realised that this is not right and started fighting for equality. That is how GirlUp was born. GirlUp was founded in 2010 by the United Nations Foundation and since the very beginning, they have worked hard to support and empower teenage girls from all over the globe. Since 2010, GirlUp has raised more than 8.50 million dollars for projects that helped girls from developing countries have fundamental rights, like education, health care, and safety. They have lobbied members of Congress to stop child marriages and in many countries, they have succeeded, like in Guatemala, Malawi, and Liberia. GirlUp has directly impacted more than 34,000 girls and they continue to work tirelessly for equal rights and opportunities. At the moment, Girl Up exists in more than 65 countries, including Romania. The Romanian chapter was founded in 2018 by 15-year old student Sofia Scarlat and now has more than 60 members in 21 cities around the country. We collaborate with other non-governmental organizations, activists and different foundations. Our work has been recognized by politicians, members of the Royal Family, popular televisions and newspapers. Our online campaigns have thousands of views and reactions and hundreds of students have taken part in our projects. The main objective of GirlUp is to spread awareness and to fight for girls and boys to have the same rights and opportunities. In our day and age feminism is a necessary movement, as women have been oppressed and disadvantaged for far too long, and that is what GirlUp is fighting so hard against. Just like the name says, we find it so incredibly important to lift each other, and to give every single girl the power to speak up for what she wants. Feminism is not a movement that wants women to be above men, but for all genders to have equal rights and chances. In addition, we focus on other huge problems in our society too. From climate change to minorities and animal rights, we want to speak up, make everybody's voices heard and end the stigma. We all have the power to achieve anything and everything we want, but many women aren't aware of the flame burning inside of them until they feel supported and empowered enough. GirlUp wants to give women all over the world a safe space and to provide a platform for them to grow and unveil the power they possess, without any fear. We want to give every girl the opportunity to make her voice heard, no matter what. Our ultimate goal and the biggest victory we could have would be to end the stigma, to end gender inequality, and to instill in each girl the belief that she can accomplish anything she desires. Dear girls reading this magazine, GirlUp wants you to know that no matter what you are going through, you will never be alone. You can fight the battle by yourself because you are strong enough to succeed, but you can also fight it with us by your side. It's totally up to you. I hope you feel empowered enough to understand that you are amazing and that you can keep going, no matter what life throws at you.

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