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Sustainable gift ideas

More and more people are starting to realize that we are currently in the middle of a climate emergency and that each and every one of us can make a difference if we care enough to make little adjustments in our day to day lives. From using fewer plastic bags when we go shopping to bigger life changes like going vegan, we should all start taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, thus protecting our planet and, implicitly, our future. With the holidays approaching, we wanted to help you make amazing gifts for the people in your life that are all for the eco-friendly lifestyle, so we have compiled a list of sustainable, zero-waste gift ideas.

  • A zero-waste starter kit

This is a gift idea that helps people get started on their new sustainable lifestyle and it can vary according to your budget, and/or their needs. You can make a more basic starter kit, including only the necessities, like a reusable straw and water bottle, bamboo toothbrush, textile bags for groceries, or you can go the extra mile and include more hard to find objects, like homemade cosmetic products. This is the most customizable gift you could give someone, so feel free to personalize it however you wish.

  • A ''4Ocean" bracelet

4Ocean is an American brand missioned to clean the oceans and shore sides. With every purchase, a pound of trash is pulled from the water or the beaches all over the globe, and so with just a bracelet, you help fight against water pollution.

You can buy it here: https://4ocean.com/shop-all/https://4ocean.com/shop-all/

  • Symbolic animal adoption from WWF

While this gift is more on the expensive side, it can make a wonderful surprise for any animal lover. The way it works is: you choose the type of animal you want to adopt from WWF's website, then choose the type of kit you want to purchase, according to your budget or preference, and the money you spend on it is sent to an animal in need. After that, you receive a plush toy in the form of the animal you chose to ''adopt'', a certificate, a picture and, depending on the kit you bought, additional objects like a gift bag or a gift box.

Click this link to access the site: https://gifts.worldwildlife.org/gift-center/gifts/species-adoptions.aspx

  • A personalized water bottle from Chilly's

We all love a good reusable water bottle and if it looks pretty, it can do miracles boosting our daily water intake because, let's be honest, we are all more likely to drink something out of a beautiful container than from a basic one. That is why the bottles that Chilly's offers aren't only beautifully built, but are also customizable and a perfect gift for the friend who wants to be more eco-friendly.

Order it here: https://www.chillysbottles.com/uk/products/bottle-refill?sku=B500REREF

  • An organic cotton makeup bag

Any makeup lover can confirm that you can never have too many makeup bags. While you can use it to hold anything and everything, these bags aren't only versatile, but also really pretty and made from organic cotton. Although the design choices aren't too diverse, the two styles available on the website are very beautiful and could for sure make your loved ones happy.

You can purchase it here: https://symbologyclothing.com/search?q=makeup+bag

  • Jewelry from WorldFinds

These really beautiful pieces of jewelry are handmade by artisans from vulnerable parts of India and most of the profits go towards giving them a better life. The company is mostly women-powered and they make intricate designs waste-free and eco-friendly. This brand deserves to be supported, especially for the causes they fight for, but also for the amazing pieces of jewelry they sell. Be sure to take a look at their website, because there is something for every style and every budget.

Check it out here: https://www.worldfinds.com/

  • Compostable phone cases from Pela

Although these are also on the more expensive side, we think that they are a really good gift idea for someone passionate about living a sustainable life. The phone cases come in a big variety of designs and for many phone types, but the biggest advantage is that they are made from compostable plastic. If you plan on buying this, make sure to read the information they provide about how compostable plastic works and how it should be thrown away safely for the environment.

You can find them here: https://pelacase.com/

We hope that these gift ideas inspired you to offer more sustainable presents this holiday season!


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